Monday, March 22, 2010

Heading Off To Consignment

Nothing too much to report here.  We've been enjoying the gloriously warm weather in the East.  It's raining today so I thought I would post a few pieces of jewelry that I am sending off to consignment at Patsy's Potpourri of Gift.

If you are interested in any of these pieces before they are sent off, please let me know and I will send them off to you instead.

Happy Spring!

Thanks for reading my blog and following my love of jewelry creation!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Beauty of Spring

If you are anything like me, I've been dreaming of Spring since the first snowflake fell.  I'm not much of a winter person and I am not much of a too hot person either, so Spring and Fall are my favorite times of year.  I'm itching to start planting my flowers and my vegetable garden.  Just being outside rejuvenates me...breathing in the fresh air, having the house windows open and letting the fresh breeze blow the curtains.  This is just peace to me.  Aaaahhhh...I guess I have to wait a few more months for my dreams to become a reality.  In the meantime, I've been creating pieces of jewelry that remind me of the Springtime.  I have been playing around with digital images and using resin and framed pendants to create beautiful focal pieces for my beaded jewelry.  This one I used is a silver-plated, pewter frame and they come in all shapes, sizes, and materials.  Since my focal pendant has so many beautiful, vibrant colors I chose to use Czech fire polished glass beads in orange, some orange/yellow mixed roundelles, and since orange and blue are complementary colors I chose some blue lace agate rounds to finish off the color scheme.
This piece is so fun and really gets me in the mood for the Springtime weather.  I think I'll wear this piece today to really get me in the mood!

Disclosure: I participate in Blogging for Beaders with and have received the products free of charge from them. I am honestly reviewing the products and have not been paid for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received.