Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And the winner is....

Thanks to all who voted for my "Keys to My Heart" necklace in the Beadaholique contest.  With your help, I won the contest with 320 votes.  I will get $100 gift certificate to their store and some publicity in their newsletter.  I am very excited!

And without further ado...the winner of the necklace is kitblu.  I will email her if you are kitblu....check your email....

And thanks again for all your support!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Giveaway: Keys To My Heart Necklace

Hi everyone.

I entered a necklace in a design contest and I could really use your help.  If you are connected to Facebook all you have to do is go here and like this photo.  I am in the running to win $100 gift certificate and some publicity.  I plan on using the money to help defer costs of a breast cancer fundraising bracelet that I'm making to help the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Organization.  PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!

Leave a comment on my blog that you "liked" the photo and be sure to leave your email address.  I will choose one winner at random to win this necklace!

Thanks for your support.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scrabble Tile Necklaces

It’s only February and I am gearing up for the summer already.  Each year I teach a jewelry making class at a local day camp in West Chester.  I came across an easy project that can be done in allotted time period of 30 minutes.  I will prepare the scrabble tile pendants before the class and the girls (ages 7-13) will do the beading work that goes along with the project.

I thought I would share this easy project with all my readers.  

To Make the Pendants:

1)    Pick some mixed media art that you would like to use in your project.  The images I picked were geared towards tween girls, but you can even find pretty images that adult woman could wear.  I found my art in Designs By Linda Nee’s etsy shoppe.  I purchased the art and she emailed me the file.  I then had the images printed on photo paper at Target, although you could print the images at home on an inkjet.
2)   Beadaholique is an online store that sells these epoxy stickers that are specifically designed for scrabble tile pendants and will fit over your art.  So order some of these to make your project easy peasy!  They also sell the small glue on pendant bails that you will need to purchase.  Adhesives you will need are Mod Podge to glue the art onto the scrabble tile and some E6000 to glue your small pendant bail onto the scrabble tile.
3)   Once you have all these purchased materials and a scrabble tile, the process is simple. 
a.     You will take your artwork (which should already be sized to fit the scrabble tile-if you buy scrabble-tile-specific art) and lay it flat. 
b.     Then you will take the epoxy sticker and cut it out keeping on the backing and the protective covering. 
c.     Remove the sticker backing and carefully place it over the top of your art.  Gently push on the sticker to remove any air pockets and then remove the front protective covering.
d.    Take an exacto knife or scissors and cut any excess sticker from around your art.
e.     Take your scrabble tile and apply Mod Podge adhesive to the side without the letter.  Also add some adhesive to the back of your epoxy art.  Apply the sticker with art to your scrabble tile and remove any excess glue.  Let dry for 30 minutes.
f.     Now you are ready to apply the small bail to your pendant.  Take some of the E6000 adhesive and, using a toothpick, apply to the letter side of the scrabble tile.  Add your bail to the glue and let dry for 30 minutes.
g.    Now you can use coordinating beads to finish off your project or use a simple ball chain if you are not an experienced beader.

There is a great video at Beadaholique’s website if you run into problems.  The instructional video is listed under “Mixed Media” and titled “How to Make a Scrabble Tile Pendant Using Epoxy Stickers.”