Monday, August 27, 2012

Hand-Stamped Fun

I have done stamping in the past with a standard font, but I recently purchased a new font (story book, if you are wondering) and have been having so much fun making customized pieces of jewelry.  

I can do a beaded, leather, sterling silver, or rhodium chain or cording and I have a variety of brass, silver, and copper stamping blanks.

I can add children's names or a special word of your choosing.  Endless choices of bead colors are available.  You can contact me and we can discuss your needs.

These would be perfect and very special Christmas presents for someone.  I get super busy around the holidays so it's best to contact me earlier rather than later to get your orders in. 

Other news of note, if you follow Hammi Jammi Jewelry on Facebook, you can now shop directly through Facebook.  I just added a "my store" application that interfaces with my etsy shop.

Happy shopping.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trunk Show

Today I had the honor of being the featured artisan at Spirit Sisters.  What a great little shop in St. Pete's Village; the shop is completely stocked with local artist creations.  Robin, the owner of the shop creates aromatherapy jewelry.  She carries my jewelry and several other jewelry artisans.  She also has some handcrafted soaps, aromatherapy perfumes, smudge sprays, and apothecary items for adults, kids, and infants.

Robin, the owner of Spirit Sisters, sitting at her desk.

Some bracelets from Hammi Jammi Jewelry

Today, we even had the chance to get chair massages.  $1 a minute in the peaceful surroundings of the Village...the windows were open and we could hear the steam flowing through the rocks and boulders. Tranquil is all I can say.  The massage therapist is there pretty regularly on Sundays.

If you live in the local area (or not), I highly suggest you come for a visit.  The St. Pete's Inn has rooms to reserve, a great restaurant with local entertainment.  The bakery is perfect for breakfast/lunch/coffee snacks.  The bakery also has "make your own pizza" on Friday nights (year round) and Saturday nights (during the summer).  My kids, locals and visitors always enjoy climbing around the rocks and making a perfect day of the Village.

Thanks again to all who came out to say hello to me today.  I really appreciate the support for the local artists and community!