Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's Not Jewelry, But It's Crafty

My youngest son is finished with preschool as of today.  I don't know where the time goes???

With the end of school for the preschoolers and the end for elementary students quickly approaching I thought I would share a teacher present idea with all of you.  I was nominated to take up a collection and come up with the teacher gift.  I had approximately $40 to work with for each of the teachers.  Mrs. N and Mrs. M have been wonderful mentors for these young minds all year long.  I am truly sad that this is my last experience with this preschool (insert sad face here....)

So I came up with this great idea:

I got some perennials and a black monogrammed pot using a sticker and added some some ribbon.  I got 2 gift cards (one for Target and one for Wawa) and made gift card holders out of scrapbook paper I had lying around the house.

One the tag I wrote, "Thanks for helping us bloom!"

Feel free to steal my idea.  Both teachers loved the class gift and best of all, they can enjoy the plants for years to come.

Happy crafting!