Saturday, June 2, 2012

Help Me Choose!

The end of the school year is here.  My eldest son, who is in 3rd grade, is finishing up this week.  He has had the most wonderful teacher this year; she is enthusiastic, keeps the kids thirsting for knowledge, and is just a great human being.  This is the first time that my son has said that he is really going to miss having a teacher.  I have such praise for all teachers who are the caregivers of our child's minds all year long!  If you get a good one then the thirst for knowledge will not be hampered!!!

I wanted to make a special present for Ms. F. and I am having trouble deciding on which one to give her.  Your help is needed in making the decision.  I will pair the necklace with a gift certificate as well.  Please help me out!!!!

Necklace #1: Thanks for helping me BLOOM!

Teachers plant the seeds, water the seeds and watch them grow.  I think this leather flower necklace made with rhodochrosite, twisted Czech glass, acrylic, and Swarovski bi-cones will remind Ms. F. of all the children she's helped BLOOM!

Necklace #2: Thanks for making me WISE!

Teachers give a HOOT about education and this whimsical necklace made with coral and some rose quartz with a handcrafted ceramic owl pendant will remind Ms. F. how her wisdom is imparted on each and every child she teaches.

So which one will it be #1 or #2?????