Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Polymer Clay Fun

Andrea Mortenson makes great beads out of FIMO(R) Polymer clay which is available in a limited variety of colors. She carefully mixes and matches different colors of clay in order to create the color palate she desires.

All the beads are made one at a time. To make round beads she often uses a bead roller, but all others she makes entirely by hand.

She bakes the beads and then glazes them (several coats of a water-based varnish). This enhances the colors of the clay and provides long-lasting protection for the beads.

Andrea is a talented artist and I am excited to have created a few pieces using her beads. The first is a pacifier clip using ladybug beads she handcrafted. The beads are strung on nylon coated stainless steel wire which can hold up to 20 pounds.

The next item is a little girl's necklace made from flower beads. The necklace is intermingled with silver colored seed beads and purple fire polished bead. There is a Tibetan four knot toggle clasp closure.

So if you have some time, please check out her website here

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