Monday, April 20, 2009

Why We Need Our Girlfriends....

I'm stealing this blog post from Kimberly Moffit, a psychotherapist for young woman based out of Toronto. I follow her blog and thought this was so appropriate after my girlfriends really made me feel so special this past weekend. I can't imagine life without girlfriends! ENJOY!


How important is it to have good girlfriends? As a woman, I've realized that the powers of a girl-bond extend much deeper than one might think.

Yesterday, while shooting a segment for Cosmo TV, I was asked about "girl crushes." I talked with the host about about why women develop admiration and bond with each other.

The host mentioned "Bromance," and how it's becoming more acceptable for men to outwardly show their affection towards one another. This got me thinking about girl friendships and the special bond that we have with our best friends.

It's extremely important to have other women in our lives: Girlfriends, cousins, sisters, and yes, even our mothers. As a psychotherapist I've watched the lives of women change as their boyfriends come and go, their careers end/begin, and their hearts break. But through it all, it seems that strong relationships with the women in our lives will provide us with a helping hand whenever times get tough.

Good girlfriends:

a) know when something's wrong
b) know when we're not ourselves
c) always suspect when a man isn't treating us the way he should

It's so important to see your girlfriends regularly. Even, and especially, when you have a serious boyfriend/husband. Take them to lunch, invite them out on a day trip, tell them how important they are to you.!


ΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗ said...

i am from Greece and i dont know English so well. I believe that womens friendship is the best. I dave some friends from the highschool and i am 49 years old.

Marie Reed said...

This is such a powerful and poignant post! I'm rocking out to yyour music too!

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