Monday, February 8, 2010

What I am wearing....

Well, I have the pleasure of going to visit one of my dearest friends over Valentine's Day. I get to see her new house in Iowa....yes, I would much prefer going to California where she used to live...but really it's not the location that's so's getting to see her, her husband, and her son (whom I've not yet met in person).
We will be going out to dinner at their Club for Valentine's Day...yes, it will be a cozy dinner for three (their son will be in childcare at the awesome is that).

I got a steal on a little black sweater dress yesterday and got a new pair of black boots to go with it...also a steal. So I created some colorful jewelry to go with the outfit. I am really digging how the red coral and the Amazonite looks together. I also added a few vintage crystals to the mix. These crystals are around 100 years old and came from a necklace that belonged to my great aunt. I de-contructed the necklace so I could use the crystals in several pieces.

I am just so grateful that I will get to spend some time with my friend and that I have such an amazing husband who lets me take trips like this. I am blessed!

Happy Love Day to Everyone in Bloggerland!

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