Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!! Pay It Forward....

Earring Sampling

I really love doing things for others.  I suppose I am a nurturer by nature.  In honor of my birthday, I wanted to do something special for my readers.  But there is a itty bitty, small catch.  I will send you a pair of sterling silver earring in your favorite color.  However, you must send a Facebook request to "like" Hammi Jammi Jewelry to 10 of your friends....especially to those people who like fun, everyday jewelry.  Feel free to send the suggestion to more than ten.  If you don't have 10 people who you think would like Hammi Jammi, then please send the request to as many as you can.

That's not too hard now is it????
Just send me an email at carriegrab419@hotmail.com and let me know your name and mailing address and your favorite color.  This is only a one day event.  Don't delay; participate today!

Thanks for participating in my Birthday celebration!


Magpie Shinies said...

Great idea! email en route!

Kimberlee @ Magpie Shinies

Magpie Shinies said...

Oh, looks like I already like it!