Monday, June 3, 2013

Teacher Presents

Wow....I can't believe the school year is almost complete.  I honestly do not know where the time goes?

Here at Hammi Jammi Jewelry, I usually make the teacher's some sort of meaningful jewelry in addition to a gift card or some other item.  This year, I came up with two different bracelets for my sons' teachers.  They are amazing and put their everything into their students.  

The first bracelet is very special.  The kindergarden teacher has taught both of my boys and this is her last year at our school.  We will miss her terribly but know that "every ending has a new beginning" and she will be enjoying much family time in her new location.  She is moving to North Central Pennsylvania where her husband took a job.  Luckily, I knew her son's name and birth month so I came up with this:

The next bracelet is for my eldest son's fourth grade teacher.  She has been wonderful and has really helped my son work towards his full potential.  She's really helped him "bloom" this year and for that I am so grateful.  So this is her bloom bracelet:

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