Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Not All About Pigs Contest Giveway....

Well, everyone seems to ask me where I got the name for my shoppe. I do love's true! The are cute and smart and I like the way they snort. However, that is not the only reason I named my etsy shoppe Hammi Jammi Jewelry. So this is the deal, you need to hunt around and find out why I named my shoppe what I did. You will find it somewhere...I promise that it's not too hard to find. Just leave me a comment with the answer. I have the comments hidden so if you put down an answer, no one else will see it OR you can shoot me an email at All correct answers will be placed in a drawing to win a prize from the giveaway category on my etsy shoppe at Please leave your favorite item from this category and I will send you that item should you win the contest.

The contest starts this Friday, February 20 at midnight EST and will end on Friday, February 27 at midnight EST.

Happy hunting for why I named my shoppe Hammi Jammi and be sure to take a look at the giveaway items in my shoppe and pick which one you like.

PS- If you don't feel like hunting around or you just can't find why my shoppe is called Hammi Jammi, you can blog about my giveaway for a contest entry. If you answer my riddle (and get it correct) and you blog about the giveaway, you can get 2 entries. Just let me know if you blog about it so I can go check it out.


Kinzie Sue said...

Reason for Hammi Jammi: your kids are such clowns and you started calling them hams. Then it turned into "you are a hambone jambone." Now, it's abbreviated to "you are a hammi jammi." You also love pigs so the name seemed fitting for your Jewelry Shoppe on Etsy.

Love the shop, just added it as a fav. and am adding a link on my blog sidebar so others can buy too! Thanks for this chance to win!

The Giveaway Diva said...

from your etsy site:

I named my shop after what I call my children. It started off that they were "hams" if they were goofing around. Then it turned into "hambone jambone" and finally it turned into "hammi jammies." When my kids are acting tricky or silly I call them hammie jammies :)