Thursday, February 5, 2009

A New Twist on Motherhood

A client of mine asked me to create something that she could give to her mom and her sister that would be meaningful. So we came up with a bracelet and necklace made out of carnelian, turquoise, tigers eye beads, and copper. I am making 3 sets (one for my client, her mom, and her sister). She is traveling to Columbia the end of the month so my jewelry is going International...LOL! The bracelets have small copper charms that have the initials of my clients 2 children and the initals of her sister's child. The necklace has a small charm near the clasp that has the first initial of each of the children. I really wanted to share pictures of these pieces since it's something really special and not your typical mother/grandmother jewelry, but it still commemorates special little people.


Total Delights said...

great combo your work is wonderful

Dave Robertson said...

Good way to use metal stamping! :)

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