Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Etsybead Team--Mystery Bead Swap--Part One

Hello readers.  I wanted to share something fun my wonderful Etsybead team is doing.  The etsybead team mystery bead swap is a way to spark our creativity and have some team fun along the way.  The way it works is: Participants were randomly paired up with team members and the partners have to send a selection of beads to each other.  These beads and findings are no longer wanted or needed and the partners create new jewelry out of the supplies.

I was paired up with Dg Designs based out of Central, NJ.  I was especially excited that I got her since she makes handcrafted lampwork glass beads and was secretly hoping she would send me a few of these beads.  Boy, I wasn't disappointed.  This is what she sent me to work with:

And this is what I created with the supplied pieces.  I used a few pieces I had around here too:

These creations are available for sale in my shoppe.  You can also go to etsy and search for "Etsybead team mystery swap" to find other artist creations.

I have another partner I was paired with so be on the lookout for the second round of the mystery swap!

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DG Jewelry Designs said...

Carrie - thank you for the wonderful article. Your creations are absolutely gorgeous. Glad you liked your beads.