Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Splendid Little Stars and Sparkly Park: Featured Etsyblogger

Margaret is a very active member of the etsybloggers street team and she's been selected as this month's featured etsyblogger. Congrats to you.

She owns two different etsy shops:

Splendid Little Stars and Sparkly Park. Splendid Little Stars contains many hand dyed and painted items and Sparkly Park contains some of her jewelry creations. She also blogs about her crafts at

She's been selling hand~dyed and hand~painted clothing for about 20 years now. She's been making jewlery for much longer than that. For about 4 years, at the turn of the century, She owned a gift shop along with other artisians. They made and sold their own creations along with some "ready-mades." She says that the most meaningful part of this was the relationships formed with the treasured customers. As an etsy seller myself, I can understand this. I create for the customers and really love when people fall in love with my creations. Customers are so appreciative of the crafts we as artisans can provide.


barbarakosciewicz said...

Thanks for featuring your fellow etsy artisan. I LOVE the tie dye shirts and will check out her stuff for Adam! I want to learn how to make the diamond pattern shirts!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Oh, thank you so much for the lovely feature on me, Carrie! I do appreciate it!

Engagement Rings Alabama said...

I appreciate your work. I like your pink glass angel earrings. Thank you for sharing your featuring etsyblogger.