Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yoga on the Steps Philadelphia

Well, Yoga on the Steps is done for another year!  Amazing, inspiring, spiritual are just a few words to describe the event.  This year,  unlike last year, there were breast cancer survivors who shared with the 1,100 registered yogis what the Living Beyond Breast Cancer organization means to them and what it means to be a hero.  This was very emotional and instead of doing the pose, I had to just sit down and meditate and focus on what they were speaking about.  At one point I just looked back at the crowd and was so in awe of the beauty of all these people doing the same pose for the same cause.  And the beauty of the Philadelphia Art Museum in the background was the cherry on the top.

I am so utterly proud of team Tri-County for a Cure.  This was our first official year as a group and we had 26 members, we were recognized as getting the most community involvement (we created an amazing video around Pottstown with business owner that can be viewed here, we raised over $4000 as a team, we grew as individuals and as a group, and I know that we have cultivated friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.  I am truly blessed to be part of this yoga community...they are some of the most caring, giving, and compassionate people you will ever meet!  My mind is already racing with ideas for next year's event.


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Designs by Dawn Marie said...

How beautiful! What a great mix of inspirational, spiritual and hopeful! I just love the whole idea of yogi's for a cure! Thanks for sharing!