Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blog Carnival: Inspiration

Inspiration???? Hmmmm, that's a tricky one. I am inspired by so many different things depending on my mood. If I'm feeling Zen, I like to create jewelry with affirmations like "meditate, love, and om" on them.
            Dyed Jade and faceted glass with sterling silver clasp.
Silver plated Om charm and love inspiration.

If I am longing for the ocean or the beach, I like to create pieces using hues of green and blue with some sea glass thrown in. Or I like to use dolphins, sea stars, or sand dollars.
Turquoise nugget focal bead with turquoise colored glass rondelles and
twisted green sea glass.  Silver plated toggle.

My favorite season is Autumn and during this time I am inspired by the changing colors and I like to use hues of orange, red, yellow and copper...oooohhhh, I love copper.
Glass and carnelian with copper toggle and beads.

Really no matter what, I can be inspired by just about anything in my surroundings. I like natural looking stones and ceramics and sometimes I like to add a touch of silk ribbon.

I guess as an artist, I can find inspiration and beauty in everything. One day I could look at something and not be inspired, but the next day, I can come up with something beautiful by looking at the same thing.

"What you see depends on what you are looking for."

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