Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Harvest Time

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  This year, my family is the lucky host of the holiday.  My husband's family and my dear friend's family will be sitting down to feast and give thanks with us.  I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people to share my Thanksgiving with.  Along with the usual turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole I like to come up with a festive table setting.  We use paper plates and I like to come up with a fun centerpiece.  This year I am putting these fun pilgrim hats in the center of each table along with some votive candles.  The votives will have dried beans and candles inside and then wrapped with raphia ribbon.  The pilgrim hats were so easy to make.  I painted a terra cotta pot black and then hot glued on some white ribbon and a silver jewelry link.  Then I added some flowers of my choice.  I'm sure you could make these interesting centerpieces too.

I also have some fall inspired jewelry that I would like to wear, but that's another post.
I hope I've got you coming up with some fun ways to spruce up your Thanksgiving table too!

Happy Crafting!

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